How To Watch CBC in UK? A Detailed Guide For May 2024

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Can I watch CBC in UK? No, since CBC is geo-blocked outside Canada, accessing the website would present a geo-blocking error. Worry no more. We have the solution for you! Read the complete article to know how you can stream your favorite shows and movies in CBC.

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CBC is an exclusive streaming site from Canada. Broadcasting popular shows, movies, and even The Emmy Awards. However, to stream all these, you would require a premium VPN. Only by using a high-quality, encrypted VPN Like ExpressVPN can you access CBC in UK without a hassle.

Let’s get straight to it. Here is everything you need to know about watching CBC in UK using a VPN.

How to Watch CBC in UK with 5 simple steps 2024 May

  1. Sign up for the services of ExpressVPN [Our #1 Recommendation]
  2. Download the ExpressVPN app and log in
  3. Connect to a server in Canada.
  4. Now open the CBC website or the CBC Gem app.
  5. Bingo! You can now start streaming!

What is CBC? Why is CBC Geo-restricted in UK?

The Canadian broadcasting company, or CBC, is an exclusive broadcasting service only available in Canada. Streaming live sports events like the Olympics, kids’ channels, and, of course, dramas. The Canadian government funds CBC, and because of their broadcasting rights and regulations, CBC is geo-blocked in UK.

Geo-restrictions apply on streaming channels due to licensing agreements and government policies, and this is the very case with CBC in UK.

Luckily, if you have subscribed to a premium VPN, you can just as easily connect to a server in Canada, Then start bingeing your favorite shows and movies on CBC in UK. We vouch for the secure and trusted services of ExpressVPN greatly.

Quick Overview of the 3 Great VPNs To Unblock CBC in UK [May 2024]

When selecting a VPN, you must look into the tits and bits of everything the service offers. We understand that choosing something as sensitive and risky as a VPN can be a task in itself.

Well, fortunate for you we have already narrowed your search down to the 3 best VPNs.check out their features and select the one that suits you best.

  1. ExpressVPNIt comes with lightning fast VPN connection to ensure you Ultra HD streaming from anywhere at any time. You can access 3000+ global servers, including 20+ location servers in the US. In addition to this, you can save up to 49% on its 1-year plan, cutting the original cost to only $6.71/month.
  2. SurfsharkFeatures smart DNS to unblock streaming platforms and channels that don’t support the app. You can access 3200+ global servers at low prices, including 20+ US servers. So you will always have something to watch when the cost is $2.30 a month. In addition, you can get an 82% discount on its 2-year plan and an unlimited device connection.
  3. NordVPNIt ensures reliable VPN connection & buffer-free streaming from anywhere. With many servers, you can stream restricted content without violating your privacy. The subscription comes with easy access to 5000+ global servers, including 1970+ servers in the US. In addition, a huge 68% discount is available on its 2-year plan, so you will only need to pay $3.71 a month.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch CBC in UK?

Like many government-funded and exclusive channels from Canada, CBC is also restricted from broadcasting its content in countries and regions outside of Canadian land.

To enjoy the contents of CBC in UK, you would have to use a VPN that would easily break through the geo-restriction of CBC in UK. Select a method that would conceal your foreign IP address belonging to UK and trick the security of the CBC system into thinking you reside in the UK. Thus granting you access to its content.

This is where a VPN comes into play. A Premium VPN such as ExpressVPN can mask your IP address and dedicate you to an IP address from Canada. You can now tap into CBC’s library and start bingeing it in UK.

What are the Best VPNs to Watch CBC in UK? [Detailed Analysis of 2024]

Not all VPNs can break through the security protocol of geo-restricted streaming sites. Many times the platforms have figured out an IP address and would block the VPN. However, we have tried, tested, and retested the following VPNs.

These are our fool-proof recommendations for the Best VPNs that would unblock CBC in UK. 

ExpressVPN: Best VPN to Watch CBC in UK

  • Ultra-Fast speed with unlimited bandwidth for bufferless streaming.
  • 3000+ Servers in 90+ Countries, including 20+ location servers in US.
  • Comes with five simultaneous device connections
  • Compatible with Windows, MacOS, iOS, Smart TV, Linux, and more.

ExpressVPN has incredible server speed to ensure smooth and high-quality streaming from anywhere. It has 3000+ optimized servers installed in 90+ countries and 20+ location servers in the US only. It comes with Ultra fast connection speed, allowing users to have top-quality streaming without error.

Its high-speed servers can easily unblock geo-restricted streaming platforms, encrypt your data, bypass the IP tracking system, and provide unlimited bandwidth for bufferless streaming.

Regarding device compatibility, ExpressVPN has a dedicated VPN app designed for all compatible devices and routers. It offers five simultaneous device connections that you can run on macOS, iOS, Android, Fire devices, browsers, gaming consoles, routers, smart TVs, and more.

Now, let's talk about its price!

Its yearly subscription will cost you $6.67/month, with an extra three months for free. Furthermore, you can connect up to 5 simultaneous devices with a single subscription.

cbc outside canada with expressvpn

CBC in UK with ExpressVPN


  • Budget-friendly
  • Compatible with all streaming sites
  • Connect up to 6 devices
  • It works in China & UAE
  • Follows Zero Log Policy
  • 7-day free trial


  • A bit costly service

Surfshark: Most Affordable VPN to Stream CBC in UK

  • Comes with SmartDNS to unblock content on non-native devices
  • 3,200 servers in 100 countries, including 20+ location servers in the US.
  • Compatible with Android, Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux,  smart TVs, and more
  • Offers minimum price of about $2.30/month with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Surfshark's minimum price tag makes it the most wallet-friendly VPN for streaming. It is equipped with 3000+ global servers in 100 countries, including 20+ location servers in the US. Surfshark stands out among all is non, but it's a Smart DNS server that enables users to access geo-restricted content without a native app.

Moreover, a Surfshark subscription ensures unlimited device connection on all compatible devices, whether Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, routers, smart TVs, or more.

Regarding price, you can expect to have $2.30/month, saving 82% on its two-year plan along with two extra months. It offers a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee, ultra HD streaming, Unlimited bandwidth, and Zero log policy, all wrapped under its modest pricing plan.

cbc outside canada with surfshark

CBC in UK with SurfShark


  • Budget-friendly
  • Compatible with all streaming sites
  • Connect up to 6 devices
  • It works in China & UAE
  • Follows Zero Log Policy
  • 7-day free trial


  • Poor Customer Support
  • Some user experience low speed

NordVPN: A Reliable VPN to Access CBC in UK

  • NordLynx Protocol to help boost streaming experience
  • 5000+ Servers in 60 Countries including 17 location servers in the US.
  • Comes with 6 simultaneous device connections.
  • Compatible with Android, Windows, iOS, Linus, Smart TVs & Routers.

When it comes to reliability, you won't find any other option better than NordVPN!

Apart from its giant web of VPN servers, including 17 server locations in the US, NordVPN has recently launched NordLynx. This new-generation VPN protocol provides an improved connection for an uninterrupted streaming experience.

NordVPN has SmartPlay integration that unblocks various content with its IP spoofing feature. Like Surfshark, NordVPN incorporates its dedicated SmartDNS service that can easily unblock geo-restricted content on devices with no native app.

You can connect Nord with almost all devices, including windows, macOS, Android, Apple, Smart TV, Xbox, PS series, and more. The cost will drastically reduce if you opt for its two-year plan, which will cost you $3.49/per month, six device connections, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

cbc outside canada with nordvpn

CBC in UK with NordVPN


  • 5000+ global servers
  • Secure VPN System
  • Zero Logs Policy
  • Works in China and the UAE
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • Military grade Encryption
  • Private DNS System


  • Little Expensive
  • No app for router

Can I Use a Free VPN to Watch CBC in UK?

We don’t recommend a free VPN. When something is free, you are the product. Similarly, with a free VPN, you and your personal data, such as credit card credentials and personal data, are at risk.

Making you a product for them by tracking your activity without consent and selling your personal data to companies is how Free VPN providers make money.

You might be getting spam messages in your inbox because companies have access to your email, making your computer an easy target for hackers.

So how can I securely watch CBC in UK? To avoid such inconveniences, we recommend you invest in a premium VPN like ExpressVPN to watch CBC in UK.

A premium VPN provides you with a secure connection and abides by strict zero-tolerance policies regarding your security.

How to Unblock CBC in UK? Here’s the Easy Method

To seamlessly binge content from CBC in the UK, you can use one of the two methods mentioned. Our recommended method is investing in a VPN since they are user-friendly and reliable, all the while being the securest choice.

Method#1: Using a VPN (Recommended)

  1. Choose a VPN and download the app.
  2. Sign up and connect to a Canadian server.
  3. Browse the CBC website, and you will have access. Start your bufferless streaming.

Method #2: Smart DNS

  1. Choose a DNS service that fits you best.
  2. Connect the DNS app manually, and edit your internet IP given by the DNS provider.
  3. Enjoy CBC in UK on your chosen device.

How much does CBC in UK cost?

CBC is free and costs nothing; however, it only has short clips to view, and very rarely does it have some live streaming broadcasts. Whereas CBC Gem is the main subscription channel, and the subscription would cost you around 4.99 CAD, which would round out to £3.19.

VPN Not Working with CBC? [Quick Troubleshoot Fixes]

Are you facing difficulty watching CBC in UK? When accessing CBC content in UK using a VPN, you may encounter some difficulty. Don’t fret! We have the solution to your problems:

Clear The Browser Cookies and Cache

Check your cookies first. You can access CBC Gem content from websites by storing local cookies on your device. By clearing your cookies, the CBC Gem website will be unable to recognize your original IP address. To put it another way, you can reconnect as a ‘new’ user.

Connect to a Different VPN Server

Maybe the VPN server you’re using for CBC Gem streaming is acting slower than usual, or it’s not functioning at all. Try connecting to a new server based in Canada to see if that solves your problem. Sometimes traffic on a server can kill your streaming experience.

Uninstall and Reinstall The VPN App

Sometimes, a simple reset of your VPN software can resolve connectivity issues and give you access to CBC Gem. Try uninstalling and reinstalling your VPN application.

Reach Out to the VPN Support Team

If the problem continues, we suggest you contact the VPN support team. They will look into the specific problem you are facing and provide you with a unique solution.

If you have yet to try out our mentioned fixes, you might be better off signing up with a better VPN. Our number:1# recommendation is ExpressVPN to binge CBC in UK.

What Devices are Compatible with CBC in UK?

CBC in UK can be streamed on any common streaming device. The channel has an easy-to-configure app called the CBC Gem.

  • Android Devices
  • iOS Devices
  • Smart TV
  • Apple TV
  • Kodi
  • Windows/ PC
  • Roku
  • Firestick
  • Playstation
  • Xbox

How to Watch CBC on Android

You can watch CBC Gem by visiting on your Android phone's browser or get the CBC Gem app outside Canada from the Google Play Store.

Follow these steps to watch CBC on Android:

  1. Subscribe to a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN.
  2. Log in to ExpressVPN, and connect to a Canadian server.
  3. Now open Google Play Store on your android device.
  4. Download the CBC Gem App and enjoy streaming CBC outside Canada.

How to Watch CBC on an iOS device

You can download the CBC Gem app free on Android and iOS devices. To get CBC on your iPhone or any other iOS device, follow these steps:

  1. Download and Subscribe to ExpressVPN.
  2. Log in to the VPN app and connect to a Canadian server.
  3. Head to the App Store on your iOS device.
  4. Please search for the CBC Gem app in the App Store and download it.
  5. Open the CBC after installation and enjoy CBC Outside Canada.

How to Watch CBC on Smart TV

Follow these steps to stream CBC on Smart TV:

  1. Download and Install a top-notch VPN like ExpressVPN.
  2. Connect to a server in Canada.
  3. Enter the admin section of your Wi-Fi router.
  4. Join your VPN system.
  5. Create a free account with the CBC Gem on your smart TV to begin streaming.

How to Watch CBC on Apple TV

Follow these steps to stream CBC on Apple TV:

  1. Install and download ExpressVPN.
  2. To have your IP address automatically registered, go to the ExpressVPN DNS Setting page.
  3. The Setup page is where you may obtain your dedicated IP address. Enter the Apple TV's Settings menu.
  4. After you have selected Network, choose your Wi-Fi connection.
  5. To change its settings, scroll down and choose "Configure DNS."
  6. Choose "Manual" and enter the IP addresses you previously configured.
  7. Install the CBC Gem app after restarting your Apple TV.
  8. You are all prepared to watch CBC on your Apple TV!

How to Watch CBC on Kodi

Follow the below step-by-step guide to install CBC Sports on Kodi outside Canada:

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN.
  2. Now Log in to ExpressVPN and Connect to a server in Canada.
  3. Navigate to the "System Settings" on "Kodi Krypton."
  4. Select "Add-ons" from "Expert Mode."
  5. Enable the 'Unknown Sources" by clicking "Yes."
  6. Navigate to "Settings," click on "File Manager," and then "Add Source."
  7. Navigate to Fusion TV and select 'None.'
  8. Give it the name "Fusion," then click "OK."
  9. Click on the block-shaped icon in the left corner and select "Install from zip file."
  10. Select "Fusion" and click on "begin here."
  11. Choose the "" file and go ahead and install it.
  12. Now open "My Add-ons" and choose "Program Add-ons."
  13. Choose "Indigo."
  14. Go to "Addon Installer" and then select "Video Add-ons."
  15. Click "C," then click on "CBC Sports" from the list and install it.
  16. Now select "Finish" and "Restart" the Kodi app.
  17. Finally, click "Video Add-ons" and select "CBC Sports."
  18. Now you can enjoy CBC sports streaming.

How to Watch CBC on Roku

To watch CBC on Roku Outside Canada, firstly, you have to subscribe to ExpressVPN, set it up on your router, and connect to a server in Canada. After you're done, follow the steps below:

  1. Download the "CBC All Access Application" from the Roku App Store.
  2. Launch the CBC TV application and go to "Settings."
  3. "Settings" has two options: "Code" and "Manually."
  4. You will need to enter some details if you select "Manually."
  5. To log in with "Code," visit using your browser. And type in the code presented on the CBC All Access app.
  6. After that, you can enjoy all CBC channels easily.

How to Watch CBC on Amazon Fire Stick

To watch CBC on Amazon Fire Stick, follow these steps:

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN, download its app, and connect to a Canadian server.
  2. Enter into your Firestick browser and log in.
  3. Head to the App Store and search for "CBC Gem."
  4. Please install the "CBC Gem" application once you find it, and enjoy seamless streaming.

How to Watch CBC on PlayStation

Follow these steps to stream CBC on PlayStation:

  1. Install and download a high-quality VPN like ExpressVPN on your PC.
  2. Connect to a server in Canada.
  3. Open the TV/Video Services category on your device.
  4. Check the list of services and find CBC Gem.
  5. Click 'Get' on the dropdown menu.
  6. Now, you can access the CBC from your 'My Channel' list.

How to Watch CBC on Xbox

Follow these steps to stream CBC on Xbox:

  1. Install and download a high-quality VPN like ExpressVPN on your PC.
  2. Connect to a server in Canada.
  3. Select "My games & apps" from the Xbox menu.
  4. Search for "CBC Gem" in the "Xbox Store."
  5. Select the install button to enjoy streaming CBC.

How to Watch CBC on PC

Follow these steps to stream CBC:

  1. Install and download a high-quality VPN like ExpressVPN on your PC.
  2. Connect to a server in Canada.
  3. Log in or create an account on the CBC Gem website.
  4. Now, you can watch anything on CBC.

What to Watch on CBC in UK?

The CBC Gem subscription allows you to enjoy a diverse library of shows and movies. Additionally, you can stream live TV, and award shows too.

Best Movies on CBC Gem

  • Clara
  • Diego Star
  • Mouthpiece
  • Brotherhood
  • Felicia's Journey
  • Falls Around Her
  • Stealing School
  • Giant Little Ones
  • The Death And Life of John F. Donovan

Best Shows on CBC Gem

  • Anne
  • Sorry for Your Loss
  • Coroner
  • Heartland
  • Workin Moms
  • Schitt's Creek
  • Black Harbour
  • Terrific Women
  • Burden of Truth
  • Kim's Convenience
  • Murdoch Mysteries
  • How To Buy A Baby
  • Baroness Von Sketch Show

CBC Channel List

CBC offers its users a variety of channels based on their interests. Here is a list of all CBC channels:

  • HD
  • Kids
  • Gem
  • News
  • Sports

In Which Country Can I Watch CBC?

CBC is only available in Canada, if you want to enjoy the magnificent library of CBC, you would need a VPN. You can binge the content in the following countries once you subscribe to ExpressVPN.

How to Watch Emmys Awards Online in UK?

Are you looking to watch the 74th Emmy Awards? We have got your back. The Emmy Awards will take place on September 12th, 2022. If you want to watch the awards live on CBC in UK, you can use the ExpressVPN app and enjoy the show in real-time rather than waiting for the recorded version.

Just follow the steps to watch the star-studded Emmy awards on CBC in UK.

  1. Download ExpressVPN and install the app.
  2. Login and connect to a server in Canada.
  3. Now, download the CBC Gem app and log in.
  4. Tune into Emmy Awards and start streaming the 74th Emmy Awards.

FAQs on CBC in UK

Can I Watch CBC TV Live Online in the United Kingdom?

Yes, by using a VPN(we recommend ExpressVPN), you can enjoy all the live broadcasts of CBC in UK.

What Streaming Service has CBC GEM in UK?

CBC Gem is a Canadian-exclusive service, so it’s unavailable on any of the streaming services in the UK.

What is the American Version of CBC?

CBC Television America is the American version of CBC that you can stream in the US.

Is CBC Gem Free to Access?

You can use CBC Gem for 30 days for free on trial; after that, you would be required to subscribe to enjoy streaming.

How Can I Watch CBC outside Canada?

Using a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN allows you to enjoy CBC from anywhere in the world.

Is CBC available on Hulu?

No. Only a few shows from CBC are available on Hulu, however, to enjoy the complete library, you would need to get the CBC Gem app.

What is CBC good for watching?

You can enjoy sports, shows, movies, award shows, and live broadcasts.

Is it Legal to Stream CBC with a VPN from Overseas?

Yes, VPNs are legal, and you can use them to Stream CBC in UK.


That’s a wrap! We hope we have answered every question you had about using ExpressVPN to watch CBC in UK.

The content library is endless, and you can binge-watch much more than we have listed in this article. We couldn’t have possibly come close to all the titles you can stream on CBC in UK. Lets us know if you have any other questions in the comments below. Until then, Happy Streaming!

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