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Privacy Policy

The privacy of our customers is our primary concern. Hence, we ensure that their sensitive information is never compromised. Moreover, it must be noted that all of our clauses and policies are strictly applicable to StreamMaestro only. None of the third parties linked on our website are entitled, affected, or influenced by the user data. The following policies and clauses are revised based on future occurrences. Therefore, we advise you to keep checking the privacy policy for any updates.

Data Collection Policy of StreamMaestro

We may collect the following information to polish your experience at our website and improve our services for you. Automated Data – Cookies enable us to connect with you through automated communication. These cookies are small files saved on your mobile or computer when you visit our website. They transmit data like the type of browser you used, duration of your visit, language, and clicks per visit. User-Generated Data – The data you provide to us is also collected. This includes your contribution to feedback, polls, or surveys. In addition, your likes, comments, shares, and other participants are on our articles and blogs as well. If you sign up for our newsletter, your email address is collected too. Mobile – If you use our mobile application or visit our website through your phone, we may see the device you used and your location. We collect this information to provide personalized content and region-relevant advertisements & services. We do not share any of the information that we collect with any third-party user unless we must do so by the law. However, if such a situation arises where we need to share your information, we will only proceed with your consent.

Why is Your Data Used/How is Your Data Used?

We collect your data only to enhance the user experience on our website. The data received through automated communication is to improve our website and application services. By assessing this data, the users can receive relevant and personalized information on their browsers. We use the email address to send the latest updates and deals on our products and services. In addition, the activity on your blogs and articles is for research purposes that help us analyze our services and assess our marketing trends.

Affiliates and External Links on StreamMaestro

You will find various affiliate and external links present on our blogs, articles, and different parts of our website. StreamMaestro may work with these links, but we do not control them. Therefore, once you click on these links, you will be directed to the respective websites. Naturally, then, StreamMaestro will not be responsible for protecting your data or privacy. Hence, we advise you to read the privacy policies of these websites before proceeding to click on the external links.

Data Protection Policy of StreamMaestro/How is Your Data Protected by StreamMaestro?

A strong encryption system secures our databases to ensure that all sensitive information is rightfully protected. In addition, our technical team is constantly working to improve the privacy protection policy so that no intruder breaches your privacy or uses your information for immoral reasons. If you have any indication that your privacy is being compromised, kindly inform us at your earliest so we may take necessary actions.

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