What’s In Durin’s Box In The Rings Of Power Episode 2?

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Have you watched episode 2 of LOTR: The Rings of Power?

The Climax revealed in episode 2 of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power; it’s a thing to wonder what is the enigmatic glow coming from Durin III’s gold chest.

In The Rings of Power episode 2, things start rattling when asked his son if Elrond displayed any odd behavior, Durin III. Khazad-king dûm is not persuaded by Durin IV’s denial and maintains that the elf’s appearance is too significant, which can only be considered a coincidence.

The Durins later take the dwarves to a chest; the contents flash silver in their faces, though purposefully hidden from the viewer. Whatever was inside was a box that Durin III didn’t want Elrond to know the dwarves had. Assuming Durin IV hasn’t stolen Marcellus Wallace’s bag from Pulp Fiction, the chest most definitely contains mithril. The Durin IV character played by Owain Arthur is seen holding a silvery artifact in the Rings of Power trailer, which he thinks could signal the “beginning of a new era.

the climax revealed

This one was thought to be mithril, and there is undoubtedly some of the precious metal in Durin III’s chest. However, the sole known source of mithril in Middle-earth is Khazad-dûm, which also gives Moria its true brightness. As a result, it doesn’t just perfectly complement the silver light. Furthermore, Khazad-dûm is also almost fully dry by The Lord of the Rings. Therefore, it seems that dwarves began gathering mithril about the time of The Rings of Power’s Second Age.

The Role of Dwarves in LOTR: The Rings Of Power

It’s also possible, though much likely, that the Silmaril discovered in Durin III’s box in The Rings of Power episode 2 is authentic. For constructed the three Silmarils, one in the sky, one beneath the sea, and one beneath the earth, many ages before The Rings of Power.

The Khazad-dûm dwarves may have found the Silmaril while digging in the mines. This would explain the bright light emanating from the object, the king’s decision to store it in a specific box, and Celebrimbor and Elrond’s effective use of Silmaril’s historical background earlier in the episode.

the role of dwarves in lotr

A harsh legacy was left behind by a previous struggle involving the Elves and Dwarves for a Silmaril. If the Durin’s had removed a Silmaril from Moria, they would undoubtedly wish to keep that information hidden from any elves. Before you could say “Mellon.” If word got out, Feanor’s descendants would be pounding on Moria’s door.

The upcoming episode will uncover more clues to the mystery. At the same time, you stay tuned for more updates about the next episodes.