Why Larry the Cable Guy Is Proud Of Cars Franchise’s Success

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Last Updated by on February 8, 2023

Being an Adult and loving the animated Cars movie series simultaneously seems fascinating, No?

Well, if you are a car lover and have followed the cars’ cast and updates thoroughly, This is for you.

Larry, the Cable Guy, reflects on his reasons for being happy with the success of the Cars franchise as he returns to the group. The stand-up comedian, well known for being a member of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, plays Mater, a sympathetic tow truck who resides in the fictional Arizona town of Radiator Springs, in the Pixar series. With appearances in all three of the Cars films and his own short and animated series, Mater has established himself as one of the franchise’s two leading characters alongside Owen Wilson’s Lightning McQueen.

One of the few, along with the Toy Story, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo, and The Incredibles series, to originate from Pixar is the Cars franchise. Despite the first movie’s success, the Cars series stands out from other animated series since Pixar’s first “Rotten” critical score was awarded to Cars 2, which received only 40% on Rotten Tomatoes in 2011. But the Cars franchise holds a particular place in the hearts of many viewers, and now one star is reflecting on its enduring popularity.

In an Interview, Larry talked about how The Cars franchise has succeeded in the past years with its miraculous story and animation. Here is what he got to share about the series;

I love voicing Mater; it’s completely different than anything I’ve ever done. I’m a stand-up comic, obviously, and I’ve done other projects, doing other things. But this whole universe that I’m in is completely different. And it’s world-renowned; it’s all over the world; it’s universal, which is cool. It’s cool to do a project that everybody can enjoy all over the place, and it will always be there. So, when my kids bring their kids to Disney, they will hear my voice. It’s just a cool thing. I’m very blessed to have been able to get this part.

In addition to the two straight sequels, the original Cars movie also served as a springboard for the Disneytoon Studios-produced Planes offshoot movies starring Dane Cook, as Larry the Cable Guy points out. Unfortunately, plans for a third Planes picture set in space were abandoned.

Disneytoon Studios finally shut down due to the last movies’ generally unfavorable reviews and subpar box office returns. However, this wouldn’t stop Pixar as they continued with Cars 3, which received favorable reviews for its more depressing plotline than its predecessors.

Although it could be simple to attribute the popularity of the Cars franchise to younger viewers, Larry the Cable Guy’s thoughts that it is universally acceptable are likely to resonate with some people. Even though many people will probably continue to associate the comic more with his long-since disbanded comedy group, those who grew up hearing Mater voiced by Larry the Cable Guy are sure to keep passing it down through the generations. Beginning on September 8, viewers can see the first three movies and the Cars on the Road series again via Disney+.