Army Of Thieves Star Teases Her Franchise Return

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Last Updated by on February 8, 2023

Have you become a fan of Nathalie Emmanuel after her classic performance in her recent movie, Army of Thieves?

Nathalie Emmanuel, the star cast of “Army of Thieves,” hints at returning to the franchise while talking in an interview and showing her interest in working with Zack Snyder and Matthias Schweighöfer. The heist comedy from 2021, which served as a prequel to Snyder’s Army of the Dead, focused on Matthias Schweighöfer’s Dieter in the early stages of the zombie apocalypse in Nevada and his ambitions to become a renowned safecracking expert.

Dieter is given the chance of a lifetime when Emmanuel’s intriguing Gwendoline invites him to take part in a robbery to steal three safes from three different banks, all of which were made by a renowned locksmith. But when the employment gets increasingly challenging, Dieter starts to wonder if this is his life. In a recent interview, Nathalie Emmanuel talked about her role in the movie, where she gave a hint to her fans about returning to the franchise. Read her words below;

I don’t know anything about the future of those characters. I’ve heard whispers about future things, but I couldn’t tell you anything concrete about what will happen if anything happens. But I completely agree that reuniting would be fun for those two. The journey of their story was just really fun, especially from Gwen’s point of view. She goes from being highly irritated by this man to falling in love with him. (Laughs.) Their whole chemistry was great, and I’d love to do it again. So hopefully, we get to.

As Army of Thieves concluded with Gwendoline risking herself to be jailed to liberate Dieter, with the promise that she would locate him once she was free, the possibility for Emmanuel’s return to the Army of the Dead franchise is still there.

The timeframe for the films has been left mainly ambiguous, with Army of Thieves appearing to take place about five years before the first film, as Snyder and Netflix are anxious to extend the zombie-based universe.

It seems sensible that she might not have been freed from jail or knew where he was at the time of the events in Army of the Dead. Given the severity of Gwendoline’s crimes in the heist comedy and Schweighöfer’s character changing his name from Sebastian Schlecht-Wöhnert to Ludwig Dieter.

Although we know that he has a low chance of surviving, fans are still hoping for him to fight back and for his character to stay in the series. Snyder somehow hinted toward the survival of Dieter during his death. So while the fans wait for the prequel to go on air, they can still go back in time and watch the seemingly perfect series, “Army of Thieves,” available on Netflix.