How to watch beIN Sports in Germany [Streaming Guide May 2024]

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Is beIN Sports available in Germany? No, beIN Sports is not available in Germany. But you can still watch beIN Sports in Germany if you use a VPN with US servers. We recommend ExpressVPN.

beIN Sports is a sports network renowned for its comprehensive coverage of a wide array of sporting events, including football, tennis, basketball, and more. As a global platform, it provides viewers with live broadcasts, exclusive interviews, and in-depth analysis, making it a go-to destination for sports enthusiasts. However, for viewers in Germany, the geo-restrictions associated with streaming services can limit direct access to the full spectrum of beIN Sports content.

Geo-restrictions, in the context of beIN Sports, are in place to adhere to licensing agreements and content distribution rights. These agreements dictate where the network’s content can be made available, creating digital borders that limit access based on geographical locations.

In the case of Germany, this means that without the right tools, viewers may face obstacles in enjoying the complete beIN Sports experience. But fear not, as we’ll explore effective solutions such as VPN (Virtual Private Networks) to unblock the full potential of beIN Sports in Germany, ensuring sports enthusiasts don’t miss a moment of the action.

How to watch beIN Sports in Germany?

Sadly, you cannot watch beIN Sports in Germany due to the geo-restrictions imposed by the streaming service. These restrictions are a consequence of licensing agreements and content distribution rights that delineate where beIN Sports’ content can be accessed.

As Germany falls outside the approved regions, attempting to tune into beIN Sports triggers geo-blocks, creating a digital barrier that restricts direct access to the network’s extensive sports coverage. However, here’s you can watch beIN Sports in Germany:

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN and install its application on your streaming device.
  2. Sign in to the VPN service and connect to a secure US server. We recommend the New York server.
  3. Open the beIN Sports website and start streaming!

Why do you need a VPN to watch beIN Sports in Germany?

You need a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to watch beIN Sports in Germany primarily because of geo-restrictions imposed by the streaming service. Geo-restrictions are barriers that limit content access based on the geographical location of the viewer. In the case of beIN Sports, the service adheres to licensing agreements and content distribution rights that dictate where their content can be made available.

Unfortunately, Germany is often outside the approved regions, triggering geo-blocks and preventing direct access to beIN Sports. If you attempt to watch beIN Sports Germany without a VPN, you will be redirected to the following geo-restriction error:

beIN Sports Location Error

A VPN serves as a strategic tool to overcome these geo-restrictions. By connecting to a VPN server in a region where beIN Sports is accessible, users in Germany can alter their virtual location. The VPN masks the user’s actual IP address, making it appear as though they are accessing beIN Sports from an authorized region. This digital sleight of hand tricks the streaming service into granting access, allowing viewers in Germany to enjoy the full spectrum of sports content offered by beIN Sports without being hindered by geographic limitations.

It’s important to note that while using a VPN can be an effective solution, users should choose a reliable VPN service to ensure a seamless streaming experience and to stay within the terms of service outlined by beIN Sports.

Top 3 VPNs to Stream beIN Sports in Germany [Easy Guide May 2024]

  1. ExpressVPN — It comes with lightning fast VPN connection to ensure you Ultra HD streaming from anywhere at any time. You can access 3000+ global servers, including 20+ location servers in the US. In addition to this, you can save up to 49% on its 1-year plan, cutting the original cost to only $6.71/month.
  2. Surfshark — Features smart DNS to unblock streaming platforms and channels that don’t support the app. You can access 3200+ global servers at low prices, including 20+ US servers. So you will always have something to watch when the cost is $2.30 a month. In addition, you can get an 82% discount on its 2-year plan and an unlimited device connection.
  3. NordVPN — It ensures reliable VPN connection & buffer-free streaming from anywhere. With many servers, you can stream restricted content without violating your privacy. The subscription comes with easy access to 5000+ global servers, including 1970+ servers in the US. In addition, a huge 68% discount is available on its 2-year plan, so you will only need to pay $3.71 a month.

What is beIN Sports?

The Qatari media group owns beIN Sports, but it has expanded to different countries. It is a streaming website that hosts hundreds of popular sports for its dedicated viewers. The channel was formerly known as Al-Jazeera.

It first started as a channel to promote Qatari sports; however, the beIN Sports of today carries a large library of popular leagues and sports tournaments.

The meaning behind this name is Beacon Evidence and Innovation Network, but the founder refers to it as “Be in Sports” which means to indulge yourself completely in the world of sports.

Key Takeaway: What is included in beIN Sports? You can enjoy streaming popular tournaments like the FIFA World Cup, La Liga, Football League Championship, volleyball, tennis, Motor Racing, Indian Premier League, Pakistan Super League, etc. You can get beIN Sports in Germany with ExpressVPN.

3 Best VPNs To Watch beIN Sports From Germany [Tested May 2024]

Here’s a detailed analysis of the best beIN Sports VPNs in the industry:

ExpressVPN — Best VPN to Watch beIN Sports in Germany

  • Ultra-Fast speed with unlimited bandwidth for bufferless streaming.
  • 3000+ Servers in 90+ Countries, including 20+ location servers in US.
  • Comes with five simultaneous device connections
  • Compatible with Windows, MacOS, iOS, Smart TV, Linux, and more.

ExpressVPN has incredible server speed to ensure smooth and high-quality streaming from anywhere. It has 3000+ optimized servers installed in 90+ countries and 20+ location servers in the US only. It comes with Ultra fast connection speed, allowing users to have top-quality streaming without error.

Its high-speed servers can easily unblock geo-restricted streaming platforms, encrypt your data, bypass the IP tracking system, and provide unlimited bandwidth for bufferless streaming.

Regarding device compatibility, ExpressVPN has a dedicated VPN app designed for all compatible devices and routers. It offers five simultaneous device connections that you can run on macOS, iOS, Android, Fire devices, browsers, gaming consoles, routers, smart TVs, and more.

Now, let's talk about its price!

Its yearly subscription will cost you $6.67/month, with an extra three months for free. Furthermore, you can connect up to 5 simultaneous devices with a single subscription.

Unblock beIN Sports Germany with ExpressVPN

Surfshark — Budget-friendly VPN to Watch beIn Sports in Germany

  • Comes with SmartDNS to unblock content on non-native devices
  • 3,200 servers in 100 countries, including 20+ location servers in the US.
  • Compatible with Android, Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux,  smart TVs, and more
  • Offers minimum price of about $2.30/month with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Surfshark's minimum price tag makes it the most wallet-friendly VPN for streaming. It is equipped with 3000+ global servers in 100 countries, including 20+ location servers in the US. Surfshark stands out among all is non, but it's a Smart DNS server that enables users to access geo-restricted content without a native app.

Moreover, a Surfshark subscription ensures unlimited device connection on all compatible devices, whether Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, routers, smart TVs, or more.

Regarding price, you can expect to have $2.30/month, saving 82% on its two-year plan along with two extra months. It offers a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee, ultra HD streaming, Unlimited bandwidth, and Zero log policy, all wrapped under its modest pricing plan.

Unblock beIN Sports Germany with Surfshark

NordVPN — Fastest VPN to Watch beIN Sports in Germany

  • NordLynx Protocol to help boost streaming experience
  • 5000+ Servers in 60 Countries including 17 location servers in the US.
  • Comes with 6 simultaneous device connections.
  • Compatible with Android, Windows, iOS, Linus, Smart TVs & Routers.

When it comes to reliability, you won't find any other option better than NordVPN!

Apart from its giant web of VPN servers, including 17 server locations in the US, NordVPN has recently launched NordLynx. This new-generation VPN protocol provides an improved connection for an uninterrupted streaming experience.

NordVPN has SmartPlay integration that unblocks various content with its IP spoofing feature. Like Surfshark, NordVPN incorporates its dedicated SmartDNS service that can easily unblock geo-restricted content on devices with no native app.

You can connect Nord with almost all devices, including windows, macOS, Android, Apple, Smart TV, Xbox, PS series, and more. The cost will drastically reduce if you opt for its two-year plan, which will cost you $3.49/per month, six device connections, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Unblock beIN Sports Germany with NordVPN

How to sign-up for beIN Sports in Germany?

How to get beIN Sports in Germany? You do not need a specific US payment method to subscribe to beIN Sports. However, If you know how to get a beIN Sports subscription Germany, you can pay for the subscription plan with a German credit card. And you will be all set to stream the very next minute. Here is a guide to help you out!

  1. Subscribe to a premium VPN. We suggest ExpressVPN.
  2. Connect with the US server.
  3. Go to the beIN SPORTS CONNECT website or application.
  4. Subscribe to one of the plans.
  5. Set up your account on the site.
  6. Start streaming all the live sports tournaments!

How Much Does beIN Sports Cost in the Germany?

beIN Sports doesn’t cost a dime if you watch it on cable. But since you are accessing it from a geo-restricted region, you will need to subscribe to its streaming platform.

  • The monthly plan costs $19.99, and the yearly plan costs $179.99.

Key Takeaway: What is the cheapest way to watch beIN Sports? You can subscribe to the discounted plan of ExpressVPN and get beIN at a favorable rate.

What is beIN CONNECT?

beIN Sports CONNECT is an amazing subscription plan that allows you to stream beIN on all compatible devices. But you know what the best part is? With beIN Sports CONNECT, you can stream the media library in restricted regions even during travel if you have paid for the subscription.

Key Takeaway: How much does beIN Sports CONNECT cost? The monthly plan costs $19.99, and the yearly plan costs $179.99.

Which Devices are Compatible with beIN Sports Connect?

The following devices are compatible with beIN Sports Connect:

  • Android Devices
  • iOS Devices
  • Chromecast
  • Android TV app (v6.0 and above)
  • Samsung Smart TV Tizen OS app (Year of manufacture 2017 and above)
  • Apple TV app
  • PC Browsers

How to Download the beIN Sports App on Android in Germany?

Follow these steps to download the beIN Sports App on Android devices in Germany:

  1. Launch ExpressVPN on your Android device and connect to a reliable USA server. Suggested server: New York.
  2. Sign up for a Google Account and select the United States as your geographical region.
  3. Sign in to the Play Store using your credentials.
  4. Look for the beIN Sports app in the Play Store and download it.
  5. Subscribe to a beIN Sports account and log in to the app with your credentials.
  6. Now, you can enjoy streaming beIN Sports content on your Android device in Germany.

How to Get the beIN Sports App on iOS Devices in Germany?

Follow these steps to get the beIN Sports App on iOS devices in Germany:

  1. Navigate to Settings on your iOS device and change your Apple ID region to the United States.
  2. Launch the ExpressVPN app and connect to a reliable US server, such as New York.
  3. Go to the App Store and download the beIN Sports app.
  4. Set up an account on the beIN Sports app.
  5. Now, you can access popular content on beIN Sports via your iOS device in Germany.

How to Stream beIN Sports on Smart TV in Germany?

Follow these steps to stream beIN Sports on Smart TV in Germany:

  1. Ensure your Smart TV is connected to Wi-Fi.
  2. Download and install a premium VPN with strong unblocking capabilities, like ExpressVPN.
  3. Configure the VPN on your Smart TV and connect to a secure US server.
  4. Tap the Home button on your remote, go to the Search bar, and find the latest beIN Sports App in the Apps section.
  5. Download the beIN Sports App, and sign in with your credentials.
  6. Now, you can stream incredible beIN Sports content on your Smart TV in Germany.

How to Get beIN Sports on PC in Germany?

Follow these steps to get beIN Sports on PC in Germany:

  1. Download and install a premium VPN, like ExpressVPN, on your computer.
  2. Connect to a US-based server using the VPN.
  3. Go to the BeIN Sports website, sign up for an account or log in.
  4. If you encounter issues, delete your cookies and cache before attempting to log back in.

What country are beIN Sports in?

You can access beIN Sports outside USA with the help of a premium VPN; otherwise, you can watch beIN sports in all these MENA regions, including Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen.

Moreover, you can also access beIN Sports in France, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand.

What Sports are on beIN Sports?

If I know how to watch beIN Sports in Germany, what beIN sports can I stream?

  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Golf
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Racing
  • Boxing
  • Rugby
  • Cycling
  • Volleyball
  • Hockey
  • Swimming


How can I watch beIN Sports online?

To watch beIN Sports online in the Germany, you can subscribe to the beIN CONNECT streaming service. This allows you to stream beIN Sports content on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. Ensure you have a reliable internet connection and subscribe to the appropriate package for access.

Is beIN Sports free?

No, beIN Sports typically requires a subscription for access to its premium sports content. While some providers may offer trial periods or promotional packages, a standard subscription fee is usually required to enjoy the full range of sports coverage offered by beIN Sports.

How to watch beIN Sports For Free in the Germany?

Watching beIN Sports for free in the Germany may not be legally possible. beIN Sports usually requires a subscription for access. However, you can explore promotional offers or trial periods from authorized providers. Beware of unauthorized streaming services, as they may violate terms of service and copyright laws.

Is beIN Sports on Sky?

No, beIN Sports is not available on Sky in the Germany. beIN Sports has its own streaming service, beIN CONNECT, which allows users to access its content online. Check with beIN Sports directly or your local providers for the latest information on accessing beIN Sports in the Germany.

Does beIN Sports work in Germany?

beIN Sports is not commonly available in Germany due to regional restrictions based on licensing agreements. To determine the current availability, it is recommended to check the official beIN Sports website or contact their customer support for the latest information. Additionally, users in Germany may explore the use of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to access beIN Sports content, but it’s important to consider the legal implications and adhere to terms of service.


For sports fans in Germany, diving into the world of beIN Sports is all about creating a personalized streaming experience. Whether opting for official subscriptions or exploring VPN solutions, the goal is to ensure uninterrupted access to a wide range of sports content.

In this ever-changing digital landscape, it’s all about staying connected to the latest updates, seizing legitimate promotional opportunities, and embracing new technologies.

As users, the focus is on crafting a sports viewing journey that adapts to individual preferences, breaks through geographical barriers, and fully embraces the global appeal of beIN Sports.